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Frequently asked questions

How does my course membership work?

Our online accent training courses are subscription courses which means you'll continue to be charged at each billing cycle until you cancel your membership. If you prefer a one time payment, we do offer a lifetime access option. Click here to purchase the American Accent Lifetime Access Course. Click here for the Australian Accent Lifetime Access Course. Click here for the British Accent Lifetime Access Course. If you wish to switch to lifetime access - make sure to cancel your membership with the cancel button above so that you don't continue to be charged for your course subscription.

How can I upgrade my membership?

Contact us: to request to upgrade to the quarterly or yearly membership. The yearly membership includes bonus lessons, access to our monthly group live lessons with our expert speech therapists, and a saving of 15%

What happens after I cancel?

When you cancel your membership, you'll still get access to the course until the end of your term (the period you've paid up till). If you'd like to temporarily pause your membership, contact support: You won't have access to the course for the time your membership is paused.